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GuideLines for Kansas seal of Biliteracy

GUIDELINES FOR KANSAS SEAL OF BILITERACY 2 August 2016 Kansas Guidelines for Implementing State/District Seal of Biliteracy Language Proficiency Requirements 5 V Evidence of Language Proficiency 7 VI Certification Process 9 VII How to Implement 9 VIII Appendices Students who begin the study of a world language in 9th grade

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The Gold Standard in Education The Foundation of Our Community Search Week 3/ of unit 1 and Week 1 of Unit 2 7 th Grade World Students will explain how elements of culture e g language the arts customs beliefs literature defined specific groups in the early civilizations prior to 1500 A D and resulted in unique perspectives


Students write compositions that describe and explain familiar objects events and experiences Student writing demonstrates a command of standard American English and the drafting research and organizational strategies outlined in Writing Standard 1 0

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Goal The goal is the purpose of the lesson Objective The objective is what students will be able to know or do at the end of the lesson Standards Included

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3 14 Explain major domestic and international economic military political and socio-cultural events of Thomas Jefferson s presidency Examples may include but are not limited to Election of 1800 birth of political parties Marbury v

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In fourth grade students continue with year two of a three year study of United States history in which all four strands history geography civics/government and economics are integrated Students begin the year learning about the French and Indian War and end with the Reconstruction period

U S History Curriculum Map

Review of 8 th grade PASS as background information for preparing for high school level US History Examine and Analyze Sectional Conflict Intensifies Explain how the government dealt with slavery in the territories acquired after the war with Mexico Evaluate how both the Fugitive Slave Act and the transcontinental railroad heightened

Grade Accelerated Science Campbell County

7th Grade Accelerated Science is a faster paced multi-disciplinary level of Science During this year we will be covering a variety of During this year we will be covering a variety of areas within the overarching subject of Science

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Students will examine the relationship and significance of themes concepts and movements in the development of United States history including review of key ideas related to the discovery exploration and

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Day 5 Atomic Theory and Rutherford s Experiment

Professionalism Part II Science Eduation Science Content Use of Scientific Technology

Lesson 4 Material Properties cu clarkson edu

Note that for many of our 8 th grade students only a brief overview of material properties is shredded in manufacturing process looks like coconut f Anything else be creative but cautious We went to local manufacturing students will be able to explain what those properties

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Goal The goal is the purpose of the lesson Objective The objective is what students will be able to know or do at the end of the lesson Standards Included

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12U-6th Grade 13U-7th Grade 14U- 8th Grade 15U-9th Grade 16U-10th Grade 17U- the highest qualified team please select Gold Team tryout and do not anticipate that drills to ensure that the try-out process is fair Each coach will speak with their

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o Explain to students that in a moment they will be completing a different problem which he gives you a choice of either 50 000 gold coins or one magical gold coin The magic coin will turn into two gold coins on the first This process is completed until all boxes are complete on Strategy Harvest

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Skills Worksheet Chapter Review & Study Guide

Name Class 7th Grade Date 10/21/2016 Original content Copyright © by Holt Rinehart and Winston Additions and changes to the original content are the

PArEnT AKS brOChurE Gwinnett County Public

8Th GrAdE PArEnT AKS brOChurE Academic Knowledge and Skills 2009–10 grade students work on reading and writing skills that will • Learning to read and write is a complex process with many facets • Reading and writing are integrated into all subjects— Language

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NS 1 5 8 Explain the role of observation in the development of a theory LS 2 5 10 Conduct investigations demonstrating the process of cellular respiration LS 2 5 11 Investigate careers scientists and historical breakthroughs related to and historical breakthroughs related to cells WESTSIDE MIDDLE SCHOOL 5 th GRADE SCIENCE


and any credit bearing classes from 8th grade We do not initially include the grades from 12th as most college applications are sent in the fall olleges do however ask to see our seniors' schedules and mid-year Explain the advisement process Does the school have a career center How does a student obtain assistance in finding a job

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with gold Our Lady the Blessed Mother is the summit of human nature She is the you read them so he can see the process of sounding out letters as you read Do this with primary level books from I am planning to enroll my boy in 6th grade but I am nervous about his

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4 3-Students explain the economic social and political life in California from the establishment of the Bear Flag Republic through the Mexican-American War the Gold Rush and the granting of statehood

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